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order your swim that fits like underwear now🌊

🙌 get your better-than-seamless, patent-pending swimsuits that fit like underwear®️ 🐚 + NEW arrivals for Summer 2024💥

hi! 👋 we're onewith. we invented swimwear that fits like no-show underwear 🌊

our swimwear is patent-pending, dig-free, elastic-free, and edgeless, just like your favorite no-show seamless undies. Truly onewith a woman's body.

normal swim squeezes & digs 🥴

swipe to see the difference between a normal suit & our swimsuits that fit like underwear💅


onewith is:


🚫 there are no tight seams or elastic in any of our suits, so when you're wearing your best size, our swim won't dig in.


we have multiple patents pending on our second-skin swim 📄 raw-cut edges are bonded with a second layer of fabric to go beyond seamless swimwear for a totally edgeless look 🌊


size-inclusive swim, available in sizes XXS - 4XL 🤍

onewith swim reviews

looking for a specific fit? 🔍

searching for a bikini bottom that fits like underwear that best suits your preferences? we've got a quiz that will find your perfect no-show swim bottom!

onewith you, from the inside out ↔️

our swim has a soft inner grip strip to keep your suit secure...without tight seams.

female-founded & invented 🙋🏼‍♀️

📦 free shipping on US orders over $85 🔄 1 free exchange + 14-day returns on eligible orders 👯‍♀️ size-inclusive 📑 patent-pending 💫 WBENC-Certified ✨ small business