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onewith is owned and operated by 1W LLC, a limited liability company duly organized.


This Cookie Policy (the "Policy") delineates the manner in which cookies and other similar technologies may be stored on, accessed from, or otherwise utilized in connection with your device during your usage or visitation of the website located at (hereinafter referred to as "onewith" or the "Website").


The information collected via cookies and other similar technologies shall be under the responsibility and control of:


1W LLC, doing business as onewith


320 Boston Post Road, Suite 180-167 Darien, CT 06820


This Policy is intended to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, both of which govern your access to and use of the Website.


By accessing, browsing, or otherwise utilizing the Website, you hereby expressly acknowledge and accept the utilization of cookies by onewith, as well as the terms and conditions contained within this Policy.

  2. Nature of Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, mobile device, or any other device utilized for accessing a website. They enable the website to recognize your device and recall prior visits to the website.


  1. Prevalence of Cookies: Cookies are a prevalent web technology that has been employed by the majority of websites for an extended period. Their widespread use is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and functionality of websites.


  1. Purpose and Functionality of Cookies:


  1. User Activity Tracking: Cookies serve to measure and track the specific sections of the website that users visit, thereby facilitating a tailored and personalized user experience.


  1. Performance Monitoring: Cookies provide valuable information that assists in monitoring and optimizing the performance of the website, ensuring an improved user experience and seamless navigation.


iii. User Preferences: Cookies store user preferences and settings to enable a more convenient and tailored experience during subsequent visits to the website.

  2. Adjusting Browser Settings: If you prefer not to have cookies placed on your device, you may modify the settings of your internet browser to reject all or some cookies and to notify you when a cookie is placed on your device. For additional information on how to accomplish this, please consult the 'help', 'tool', or 'edit' section of your browser. Be advised that blocking all cookies, including those deemed strictly necessary, may result in the inability to access or utilize all or specific parts of onewith's functionalities.


  1. Manual Deletion of Previously-Stored Cookies: To remove previously-stored cookies, you may manually delete them at any time. Nonetheless, this action will not preclude onewith from placing further cookies on your device, unless you adjust your internet browser settings as outlined above.


  1. Browser-Specific Links for Managing and Blocking Cookies: We furnish the following links to facilitate the management and blocking of cookies, contingent upon the browser you employ:


  1. Microsoft Edge:


  1. Firefox:


iii. Chrome:


  1. Safari:

  2. Purpose and Utilization: We employ first-party cookies to augment the performance of our website and to customize your online onewith experience. First-party cookies enable us to gather information on user interactions with our website, including the specific pages visited.


  1. b. Monitoring and Analysis:


  1. Visitor Metrics: First-party cookies facilitate the tracking of the number of visitors to our website, allowing us to gauge user engagement.


  1. Usage Patterns and Trends: By employing first-party cookies, we can scrutinize website usage patterns and trends to identify areas for improvement and optimization.


  1. Anonymity and Data Protection:


  1. Anonymized Data Collection: The information collected via first-party cookies is done so anonymously, ensuring that no individual can be identified and that no personal information is stored in the cookies.


  1. Responsible Data Usage: We are committed to utilizing cookie data in a responsible and ethical manner, ensuring the privacy and security of user information.

  2. Origin: Third-party cookies may be derived from partners or third-party entities that supply functional web services or tools aimed at enhancing our website and ensuring the optimal functioning and operation of our services.


  1. Responsible Usage:


  1. Purpose: We utilize third-party cookies responsibly and exclusively for the purpose of facilitating the optimal performance of our platform and services.


  1. User Consent: Users have the option to opt out of third-party cookies by adhering to the cookie removal instructions delineated in this document or by consulting the technical information provided by the browser used to access our website and services.


  1. Opting Out: Users reserve the right to opt out of third-party cookies, either by following the instructions contained in this document or by referring to the technical information provided by the browser used to access our website and services.

  2. Purpose: We employ persistent cookies with the intention of enhancing your experience while using onewith. This encompasses recording your acknowledgment of our Cookie Policy, which results in the removal of the initial cookie message displayed upon your initial use of onewith.


  1. Duration:


  1. Retention: Persistent cookies remain stored on your device until they are either manually deleted by the user or automatically removed by the system.


  1. User Experience:


  1. Streamlined Interaction: The use of persistent cookies enables a more seamless and efficient interaction with onewith, as it precludes the need for users to repeatedly acknowledge our Cookie Policy during subsequent visits.

  2. Functionality:


  1. Sharing Capabilities: Social cookies empower users to share our website content on various social networking platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn, among others, by facilitating the use of "Like" or similar buttons.


  1. Interaction with Platform Content: Social cookies also enable users to interact with the distinct content available on each respective social media platform.


  1. Governing Policies:


  1. Privacy Policies of Social Platforms: The utilization of social cookies and the information collected through their use are subject to the privacy policies of the corresponding social media platforms. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of each platform to understand how their data is being handled.


Our cookies serve various purposes, including:


  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies:


  1. Essential Functions: These cookies are indispensable for onewith to carry out its core functions.


  1. Security Cookies:


  1. Risk Mitigation: We deploy these cookies to identify and avert potential security threats.


  1. Analytics and Performance Cookies:


  1. Data Collection: Performance cookies gather information on user interactions with our website, such as frequently visited pages and other analytical data.


  1. ii. Website Improvement: We utilize the collected data to enhance our website's functionality and gain insights into user engagement.


  1. Advertising Cookies:


  1. Relevant Advertising: These cookies facilitate the display of pertinent advertisements to visitors who utilize our services or access websites we host or provide.


  1. Ad Efficacy: Advertising cookies enable us to understand and report on the effectiveness of ads presented on our website by tracking metrics such as unique visitor counts, ad display frequency, and ad click-through rates.


iii. User Profiling: These cookies also contribute to the creation of user profiles, allowing the display of ads based on products viewed on our website. Both onewith and trusted third-party networks set these cookies, which are typically persistent.


  1. Google Analytics:


  1. Data Collection Tools: We employ Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc., USA ("Google"), to collect and analyze various types of information such as IP addresses, device and software identifiers, referring and exit URLs, usage metrics and statistics, usage and purchase history, MAC addresses, and mobile unique device identifiers via cookies.


  1. Data Storage: The information generated by Google Analytics (including your IP address) may be transmitted to and stored on Google servers in the United States.


iii. Service Improvement: We utilize the data collected through Google Analytics to refine our website and platform, ultimately improving our services.

  2. Inquiries and Concerns:


  1. Cookie Policy: If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, including matters related to the handling and security of your data, you are encouraged to contact us.


  1. Communication Channels:

i. Email Address: For any queries or concerns, please reach out to us via email at