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Top 3 Questions Our Swimwear Brand Is Getting Right Now

Hi, we're onewith, and we make edgeless swimwear that's unlike any other. Our dig-free, flattering swimsuits that fit like undies often have people asking some common questions. We do have a super helpful FAQ page on our swimsuits that fit like no-show underwear here, but we wanted to break down the top 3 questions our game-changing swimwear brand is getting right now, and why they all basically have the same answer.

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The questions about our beyond seamless swimsuits that fit like seamless underwear: 

1. Is it sheer when it is wet? 

2. Will it give me 🐪 toe?

3. Is it double-lined? 

The all-encompassing answer to these 3 commonly asked questions about our dig-free swimsuits: 

While we can’t speak in absolutes as everyone’s anatomy is different, there is no reason why our swimwear would cause 🐪 toe more than any other swimwear would. Our swimsuits that fit like underwear™️ are two layers, like all other swimwear. It is just bonded together, and not sewn with tight bulky seams. Because of these bonded edges that help our swimsuits achieve the seamless underwear appearance, it leads some people to believe that our flattering swimwear is a single layer. It's for this same reason why people believe that our better than seamless swimsuits would be incredibly sheer when they get wet, or not provide coverage. As with ALL SWIMWEAR, if you are sensitive to things like this, then we always recommend to opt for a darker color or a pattern.

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We spend a lot of time creating content and making our website as informative as possible, and luckily, these answers for all of these questions exist in our content and on our site. Before messaging us, we encourage you to please check out our FAQ or other content, I can almost guarantee we’ve answered your Q before 😀 

If you're ready to ditch your seamless swimwear and go edgeless, check out our collection here. Be sure to follow along on IG and TikTok for all onewith updates and insider tips 🫶

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