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Women Are Ditching Seamless Swimwear for onewith’s Edgeless Swimsuits That Fit Like Underwear


Always Feel Better in Underwear Than in Swimwear? Yeah, Us Too.

onewith swimsuits feature an edgeless, elastic-free design with a snug and secure fit that feels like your favorite no-show underwear. Our founder came up with the idea of onewith when she said out loud out of pure frustration with trying on normal swim…”I just want a swimsuit that fits like my favorite no-show underwear does.” And so, onewith, swimsuits that fit like underwear™️, were born.


Dig-Free (Say Goodbye to Squeezing Seams)

Traditional swimwear brands include tight seams and elastic that dig in and create uncomfortable indents on the body. onewith suits don’t dig in (no squeezing, they’re raw-cut!), so you can feel always feel comfy in a swimsuit that fits like underwear.


Better Than Seamless…Totally Edgeless

“Seamless” swimwear still has a seam inside, which is why it still digs and feels bulky (so no, it’s NOT just you feeling this way!). Instead, our suits have no tight seams or elastic so your swimwear won't compress or squeeze. Our edges are bonded, NOT sewn with tight seams, so it’s totally onewith your body. Plus, all of onewith’s swimsuits can be mixed and matched, in styles and colors and sizes, to find your perfect, most comfortable fit!


onewith is Size-Inclusive (And Your First Exchange is FREE for US Orders)

Our whole thing is that we want our suits to be onewith your body, so, offering an expansive size range, to us, is simply a part of that. It’s incredibly important here at onewith. Additionally, since we know swimwear sizing and fit preferences are subjective...a customer's first exchange is always free for US orders.


Female- Founded Swimwear Of The Future

Our female-founded brand is dedicated to changing swimwear so that women don’t feel like they need to change themselves. That’s our promise, and we aim to deliver! Oh, and speaking of delivery…all onewith orders are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Try out your first suit with free shipping anywhere in the U.S!