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Seamless Swimwear? Nah. We Created the BEST Flattering Swimwear.

seamless swimwear

Take It Beyond Seamless with onewith swim 

Are you looking for something more than the traditional 'seamless' swimwear? Tired of the same styles that are digging in and squeezing you? Look no further than onewith—the edgeless swimwear line. Our unique design is truly like nothing else. Let's take a look at what makes it so special. 

best seamless swimwear

The Problem with Seamless Swimwear 

Seamless swimwear may appear to be the perfect solution, but there's a flaw in its design. Since it is created by folding fabric over itself, it actually has a seam inside—meaning that it still digs into your skin and creates uncomfortable (and unflattering) pressure points. What's more, the hidden seam with fabric doubled over creates the appearance of more layers of fabric on the body, which can look and feel cumbersome.

best seamless swimwear

The Solution: Edgeless Swim with onewith 

onewith is here to provide a better option for women who want the ULTIMATE, best flattering swimwear. Our special edgeless design eliminates those pesky seams that are present in seamless (and normal!) swimwear and prevents them from digging into your skin. Additionally, since our design doesn't rely on folding fabric over itself, our suits don't have any visible lines or double layers of fabric—giving you a smooth silhouette every time you slip into one of our suits! 


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