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Dos & Don'ts of onewith swim Mystery Bundles

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👻 We launched our Mystery Bundles of swimwear that fits like underwear for a limited-time in September to much success - you all went wilddd for them 🙌 we're about to bring them back again for another limited-time engagement, so we thought we would do a little overview of what onewith Mystery Bundles are, who they are for...and who they aren't for. 

In September, our Mystery Bundles were $49 for 3 items...aka 3 better-than-seamless swimwear items for the price of 1 (amazing, right?)

🎉 Well, this time, we're upping the ante; 🚨 now our Bundles are $49 for 4 pieces of beyond-seamless swimwear 🚨 For real! 🤯 That comes out to just a little bit more than $12/piece............. 🤑

How is this possible?

➡️ Mystery Bundles are built on a risk/reward model. 

What is a Mystery Bundle? A Mystery Bundle is essentially a package of items where you don't know exactly what you're getting until you open it. It's a surprise pouch filled with dig-free, edgeless, raw-cut swimwear products that could be anything from our inventory of swimwear that fits like no-show underwear! The appeal lies in the excitement and anticipation of discovering what's inside 🔎

Here's how it works: you select your bikini top and bikini bottom size, and we do the rest 🙌 we'll surprise you with 4 ultra-flattering swimsuit pieces.  🙌 There are no returns or exchanges on Mystery Bundles, all sales are final ('cuz this is such a steal!)

Here's where the risk/reward model comes in:

Risk: The risk part involves the possibility that you might not like every beyond-seamless swimsuit item in the Bundle. There's a chance that the items may not match your taste, not fit, or you might end up with something you already have or don't need.

Reward: On the other hand, the reward is that you get these items at a significant discount. The value of items in the Bundle exceeds what you pay for it, making it a great deal. Additionally, you get the thrill of the surprise and might even discover new dig-free, flattering swimwear products that you wouldn't have picked out for yourself! 🥰

In essence, the risk/reward model of a Mystery Bundle is a gamble. You're trading certainty for the chance of getting a great deal and the fun of surprise. It's important to consider your personal preferences and tolerance for risk before deciding to purchase a Mystery Bundle.


We've broken down who the Mystery Bundle is for (and NOT for) below:

🙅‍♀️ Mystery Bundles are NOT FOR YOU if:

👎 you are unwilling to risk items not fitting - human bodies are more dynamic than numbers on a size chart or size quiz could ever allow for; there is always...and we mean always! a risk of an item you order online not fitting. Swimwear is such an intimate garment, and worn so close to the skin (naturally!), that styles vary in their fit. Different onewith swim styles - even in the same size - can fit the same body differently. That's why we encourage gifting items to friends/fam if they don't fit you!

In the case of Mystery Bundles, we are able to provide this great of a discount because returns/exchanges are not permitted on these items; Returns/Exchanges are offered on our full-price goods, at a cost to us; a cost that can not be supported by the heavily-discounted Mystery Bundles. 

👎 you are hoping for a certain item to be in your Bundle and will be upset if it's not included: again, the risk/reward is trading certainty (IE - paying full price to get the exact item you want) for a GREAT deal (again, $12/pc here!). If this is something you are uncomfortable with, Mystery Bundles are not for you.

👎 you aren't open to colors: again, if you generally have a specific set of colors you like to wear, and have certain colors you WON'T wear, and will be upset if they are included in your Bundle, this is not a deal for you. Any colorway on our site is eligible to be included in your Bundle. 

👎 you generally only like specific swim styles: again, if you generally know that you ONLY wear low-cut swim bottoms and will be upset if you receive say, a dig-free & edgeless high-waisted bottom, we'd urge you to go for certainty and buy a specific item to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

PS - we're always so happy to help customers find their perfect style/size of our swimwear that fits like your fave no-show undies, DM us if you are looking for something specific! We'd so much rather you get exactly what you want if you think you are going to be irked if your Bundle isn't a 100% taste/style/fit match.

🎉🥰 Mystery Bundles are FOR YOU if:

✅ you love the element of surprise 

✅ you want to discover new styles or colorways you may not normally try

✅ you want to expand (or start!) your onewith collection

✅ you love a GREAT DEAL 

✅ you love the idea that you could gift the piece(s) that may not suit you 

✅ you are open to some items potentially not fitting/being your preferred colorways (the pros outweigh the cons! 💅)

✅ you want to look forward to a fun little surprise coming in the mail 😋

✅ you love variety! the spice of life 🌶️

We're SO excited to launch this newest round of Mystery Bundles, and hope this helps give you the 411 of what onewith Mystery Bundles are all about 🙌

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