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How onewith Swimwear Goes Beyond Seamless Swimwear

Have you ever wondered why so many so called flattering swimwear brands ended up being totally unflattering? Ever feel like seamless swimsuits still felt bulky & squeezed the skin, leaving no room for a lay flat look? News flash, it was never you, babe! onewith swimwear did the research for you and came up with an entirely new dig free swimwear that goes beyond seamless swimwear that fits like underwear for plus size flattering swimwear to midsize swimwear to size xs. 

We've highlighted 3 main reasons why your swimwear felt so unflattering and how onewith swimwear changed swimwear so that women no longer feel like they need to changed themselves! 

seamless swimwear

Reason 1: Wearing swimsuits with seams is the first to check off your list of what makes for un-flattering swimwear. Although some other garments work well with a seam snatching the waistline for a more flattering look, the cinching, pinching and squeezing effect a seam has when it comes to swimwear is anything but conducive for a flattering swimwear moment.


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Reason 2: Another area of swimwear we often find seams is in most seamless swimwear brands - yes, you heard that right! While you'd expect seamless swimwear to be just that - seamless - cut into the waistband of many seamless swimsuit you'll find the seam flipped inside out.

Seamless swimwear, while it sounds promising, still does not deliver the dig free, lay flat, flattering swimwear look that onewith swim offers going beyond seamless swimwear with our patent-pending, raw-cut, edgeless, second-skin swim design that truly fits onewith your body like your favorite no-show underwear. 

 womens flattering swimwear, swimwear like underwear, onewith swim

Reason 3: Without digging & pinching seams and confining elastic bands, how does our patent-pending, onewith swim that fits like underwear design stay put? We line all of our suits with a smooth, flexible inner-grip strip, a fan fave from the beginning, to keep your swim that fits like underwear in place while you get to worry about more important things, like feeling your best in our most flattering swimwear

onewith swim, best flattering swimwear, swimwear like underwear

Tired of feeling like seamless swimwear, or any swimwear for that matter, doesn't live up to the hype? Ready to take the dive into onewith swimwear's edgeless, dig free swimwear? Get the lay-flat look, second-skin swim that's truly onewith your body here.

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