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Mix & Match Your Beyond Seamless Swimwear That Fits Like Underwear

Our swimsuits that fit like your favorite no-show underwear are ultra-flattering, patent-pending, dig-free, elastic-free, and edgeless, perfect for a beach day full of sunshine and sea-spray. 🌊 An added perk of our better-than-seamless swimwear is that each piece is sold separately, allowing for optimal mixing & matching, and a totally customizable style that is truly onewith you. Let's dive in and take a look at some best-selling paired styles and colorways. 

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Starting off strong, a fan-favorite combo of flattering, dig-free, and edgeless swimwear is the Westerly paired with the Woodmont. The Westerly Tie-Front Bikini Top is one of our best, beyond-seamless swimwear styles - literally. For the ultimate flirtatious vibes, pair the Westerly with the Woodmont Cheeky Bikini Bottom That Fits Like Underwear (they fit just like your favorite seamless no-show undies!). Both styles are two of our best-sellers, and given how universally flattering they are, we’re not surprised!

Not a fan of tan-lines? Pair the Harkness Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top with the Huntington Thong Bikini BottomThanks to our patent-pending bonded construction and soft inner grip strip, this strapless bandeau is surprisingly secure and dig-free. It is super versatile, doubling as the perfect, super-smooth tube top! With a modern long-line silhouette and a solid amount of support for busts of all sizes, this strapless bikini top is always a go-to. The Huntington is the epitome of swimwear that fits like underwear; it's a classic hipster thong cut in the back (just like your fave no-show undies); perfect for minimal tan-lines after a long day in the sun. 

A fresh take on our #1 best-selling Woodmont beyond-seamless swimwear bottom, The Merritt Dipped Cheeky Bikini Bottom brings some common customer feedback about Woodmont to life with this perfectly-edited cheeky bikini bottom. onewith’s smooth and comfy bonded finishing, complete with a comfy inner grip strip to hold everything in place. For a minimal chic and sexy look, we recommend pairing Merritt with our Wainscott Triangle Halter Bikini TopWhile a triangle halter bikini top is a staple feature of any swim brand, executing this in a onewith way (raw cut edge, elastic-free, super soft inner grip strip at the edges) was something we had to be incredibly thoughtful about. Which means we are bursting with excitement to bring you: Wainscott, a universally flattering triangle swimwear bikini top like you’ve never seen. You'll exude confidence in the Merritt/Wainscott combo that is totally onewith your body, and we're so here for it. 

Special shoutout to the most flattering one-pieces that are dig-free, raw-cut, and patent-pending…because we’re onewith, and we only want swimwear that feels like underwear! 🙌 The Bellows Plunge High-Cut One Piece and Havens Scoop Neck One Piece feature bonded construction that ensures that these better-than-seamless one pieces absolutely don't dig in. In addition to turning heads at the beach, you may just find yourself wearing your beyond seamless one-piece as a supremely flattering bodysuit in your daily life.

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It's no secret that Abyss, a perfect inky black, is foolproof, and you all love the simplicity of it in our better-than-seamless swimwear that fits like no-show underwear. That's why when we developed a brown and navy to add to our Neo Retro Collection, we wanted them to be dark and inky. Fully versatile and perfect for mixing and matching, check out Cola, a crisp, deep brown, and Stellar, a rich navy that is truly otherworldly. While you're at it, take a peek at Honey Spots. The golden-toned base is decadently dotted in Cola-colored spots, so this is the perfect colorway for mixing and matching. 

Available in XS-4XL (XXS in select styles), pick up a best selling dig-free swimsuit on our website here that's perfect for every body. For optimal mixing and matching, each piece is sold separately 🧡 To be in-the-know about all things onewith, be sure to subscribe to our text messages and keep following along on our IG

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