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No-Show Bathing Suits: What Are They?

Did you know you can type "" and our website, onewith swim, will pop up? That's because we make swimsuits that fit just like your favorite no-show underwear, free from harsh elastic that digs in. So if you ever find yourself on the hunt for "no-show bathing suits," or swimsuits that fit like underwear, we're here for ya with our super smooth, ultra flattering dig-free swimsuits! 🌟

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While all of our swimsuits fit like your favorite no-show undies (see above 😏), our thong bikini bottom styles are the epitome of no-show swimsuits. Looking for the perfect thongkini or beyond seamless thong bikini bottom? Check out our Huntington Thong Bikini Bottom or Penfield High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom. 🍑

Huntington is a classic hipster thong cut in the back (just like your fave no-show undies) and borrows its front silhouette from our best-selling Woodmont bottom. If you're someone who only wears high-waisted styles, you'll LOVE Penfield. This beyond-seamless bikini bottom features a dipped high-waist front with a Brazilian-cut back. It’s almost *too* good, and really hits our ‘swimsuits that feel like underwear’ concept home.

These two better-than-seamless bikini bottom styles are the closest thing to no-show bikini bottoms. Booty tan lines? Never heard of em. Harsh lines that dig in? Nowhere to be found on these beauties. 

Complete the tan-line-free ultra-smooth look with our onewith Harkness Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top, for a beach look that is both modern and comfy. Because there’s nothing better than looking and feeling good. The Harkness is truly one of our most flattering, better-than-seamless swimwear styles. Why? It’s totally edgeless, making for a perfect no-show bathing suit. 

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How's it possible? All of our swimsuits that fit like underwear are constructed with a soft inner grip tape along the edges, which keeps each piece in place on beachy walks & swims alike, without the use of elastic or tight seams. 🌊 So you can get cheeky and feel great doing it; because swimwear shouldn’t dig or feel uncomfy. 

So if you're looking for a no-show swimsuit that doesn't dig in, you've come to the right place! Grab your ultra flattering beyond-seamless swimsuit now, and thank yourself later. 😉


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