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onewith is Collecting Ocean-Bound Plastic With The Help of Ocean Co.

By 2050, it's predicted that the ocean will have more plastic than fish. 😱 Since onewith launched in late 2021, we've always been conscious of our plastic usage; both internally and externally (ALL packaging is eco-friendly!), but we've always had our sights set on doing even more to combat the abundance of plastic in our environment...specifically, the ocean.

That's why for the next 8 weeks, onewith swim is partnering with Ocean Co. to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean, helping them in their mission to collect 7 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles by the end of 2025.

Through our partnership with Ocean Co., we've committed to funding the collection of the equivalent of 28 plastic water bottles in weight of ocean-bound plastic for every item sold on (ocean-bound plastic = plastic that's at risk of ending up in the ocean, to leave no guesses as to what this means).

seamless swimwear, dig free swimwear, edgeless swimwear, onewith swim, ocean co and onewithWhat is Ocean Co? 

Ocean Co. is a platform that connects a global network of change-makers to science-based ocean impact projects; they collect plastic before it enters the ocean and improve livelihoods in coastal communities across the globe. 

Plastic is collected by locals from some of the worst affected coastal communities such as the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, India and Indonesia. They then swap the plastic for money, tuition, tech, healthcare, and micro-finance. Thanks to the incredible organizations that Ocean Co. works with, they're able to ensure plastic pollution is collected before it ends up in the ocean, recovering it as efficiently and socially beneficially as possible. With the help of certified partners, they're able to set up long-term recycling infrastructure in these areas worst affected by the ocean plastic crisis.

So far, Ocean Co. has stopped over 818 million (!!!) plastic bottles from entering the ocean across the globe. To learn more about Ocean Co., and their mission to turn the tide on plastic waste, check out their website here.

Why is onewith swim Partnering With Them? 

Did you know that roughly 48.5 million pounds of plastic enters our ocean every day? That's one truckload every minute. 

As a mindful apparel brand, we're dedicated to having a positive impact on the world however we can. When you purchase your own better-than-seamless swimsuit, you'll confidently get to say you're making a positive impact on the environment. 

Like Ocean Co., we believe that everyone should have the right to an environment free from plastic pollution. To see how much ocean-bound plastic we've collected, you can view our real-time impact dashboard here

To help collect ocean-bound plastic, pick up a flattering dig-free swimsuit of your own here 🧡

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