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Secure Your Swimwear That Fits Like Underwear

Whether you have been a onewith swim customer since our launch in November 2021, or you’re brand new to onewith swimwear that fits like underwear, we’re so happy you’re here! Before heading over to our site and purchasing your favorite flattering swimsuits, we’d love to give you the scoop on some of the shopping tips we came up with to successfully secure your edgeless, dig-free, elastic-free onewith swimwear with ease. 

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Since we’re a small business having launched our first onewith swimsuits that fit like underwear less than a year and a half ago, you can imagine that with a rapidly growing customer base, our planned inventory stock runs low the minute we restock. Going viral on TikTok multiple times has helped this process tremendously, so when we are able to restock, our dig free swimwear sells out…FAST, some styles and sizes within the same day of restocking. To create a fair experience for our customers across the board, we've designed some limits for shopping our restock to encourage consciously-decided purchases of our edgeless swimwear that fits like underwear. 

To successfully shop our restock, as everything is first come first serve and very limited availability, it's important to note that each customer is allowed 1 of each style and 3 pieces total in their cart. Reminder that carts will not be held when exiting the browser, so be sure that once you've chosen your perfect pieces you've checked your cart and finalized your purchase before leaving! 

Making a conscious purchase of our onewith swimwear like underwear is reinforced by a 14 day return policy, but no worries! This begins once your onewith swim package has been delivered, so if you choose to return (or exchange), you've got time! Although, remember what we said about product selling out fast? Be sure to snag your favorite styles in your best onewith size, just in case it sells out before you need to make an exchange! Take your measurements before purchasing our flattering swimwear that doesn't dig in and you're good to go! 

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We would also like to highlight that we've expanded our size guide since our first launch with our most recent Wharf collection to encompass sizes ranging from xs to midsize swimwear to flattering plus size swimwear in all your most favorite swimwear like underwear staples. And remember to size up in our swim if you're between sizes! 

To be the first to know and plan your purchase for all of our future restocks and launches, sign up for text notifs and secure your swim that fits like underwear. 

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Ready to shop the onewith swimwear restock? We're excited to have you! Check out our site here. Happy shopping! 


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