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Swimsuits That Won't Dig In 2022

Are you sick of wearing swimsuits that dig in? We know the feeling. We have designed our swimwear to be truly edgeless (going beyond seamless!) so that it lays flat on your skin and doesn’t cut in anywhere. Let’s take a look at what makes our swimwear unique and why it is the best flattering swimsuit out there. 

swimwear that doesnt dig in

Our swimwear goes beyond being “seamless,” which is often misleading as even “seamless” suits have seams inside them. Our suits are truly edgeless, which means they lay flat on the skin without cutting into you. We make this possible by using a raw-cut technique, finished on the interior with a soft silicone strip to keep the suit up without using traditional seams or elastic that cuts into the skin. 

plus size flattering swimwear

onewith swim is the ultimate in dig-free swimwear. Our patent-pending concept is truly the most flattering swimwear on the market! Shop our second-skin swim here

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