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Swimwear That Feels Like Underwear: The Solution to Uncomfortable Swimsuits

It is a common sentiment among women that they feel better in their underwear than they do in swimwear. So why is that? Why do we feel uncomfortable and squeezed while wearing swimsuits? Let’s explore why this issue arises, and how we can solve it with the introduction our revolutionary product—onewith. Swimwear that feels like underwear.

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The Problem With Traditional Swimsuits
Traditional swimsuits are typically made with tight seams, even in “seamless” designs, that dig into our skin and can make us question the recognizability of our own body. Not only are these garments uncomfortable, but they also fail to flatter our bodies and make us feel less confident about our appearance. We wanted a solution to this problem.

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The Solution: Swimwear That Feels Like Underwear
We have created a revolutionary product designed specifically to be comfortable and figure-flattering in an effortless way. Our edgeless, dig-free, elastic-free swim fits and feels like your favorite underwear. Raw-cut no-show underwear is laser-cut and lays on top of your skin without digging in or creating unflattering lines along your body. onewith swim has the same edgeless feeling as your favorite pair of panties! To keep your suit secure on the skin while swimming? We have a nifty silicone strip inside to ensure your suit stays on without the use of tight seams or squeezing elastic.

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Swimwear should make you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable—just like underwear does! With our raw-cut edgeless swimsuit collection, there is no more squeezing or digging fabric; just pure comfort and confidence all day long. Try onewith swim and see what you’ve been missing out on.

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