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The Complete Booty Coverage Guide to our Edgeless Bikini Bottoms

Whether you're looking for a better-than-seamless swimsuit bottom that shows a little skin 🍑 or an edgeless bikini bottom that's family-friendly, our dig-free swim's got you covered! Our beyond seamless swimwear has it all, and here's the complete run-down of each of our bottom styles, ranked from the least to the most amount of coverage. 🍑👙🩱🩲

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1. For the most amount of cheek (LEAST amount of coverage), the Huntington Thong Bikini Bottom is the flattering thongkini for you. This was our most requested better-than-seamless swimwear style from our Core Collection for a reason. Huntington, the epitome of “swimwear that fits like underwear,” is a classic hipster thong cut in the back (just like your fave no-show undies) and borrows its front silhouette from our best-selling Woodmont bottom. It's a sexier thong cut that can be worn on the hips for a stunning dig-free fit. 

2. “Huntington's cool and all, but I really only wear HIGH WAISTED thongs. When are you coming out with that?” We heard you, and we raised you: Penfield High Waist Thong Bikini Bottom... With a dipped high-waist front and a Brazilian-cut back, it’s almost *too* good, and really hits our ‘swimsuits that feel like underwear’ concept home. onewith’s inner grip tape holds Penfield in place, while our elastic-free and better-than-seamless swimwear bonding ensures that nothing pinches or squeezes, for totally dig-free swimwear look that is beyonddd cheeky. 

3. Looking for a flattering swimsuit bottom that's in between cheeky and thong? Meet the Waypoint High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom. Featuring a high-cut leg opening, and the skimpiest bikini bottom sides we’ve ever executed with our swim-that-fits-like undies concept! Waypoint is meant to be worn high on the hips, with its dipped, scooped front. Balanced with a straight-across back and secured with our signature inner grip strip that keeps this flattering bikini bottom secure without the use of tight seams or elastic, this bottom is a must-add to your collection of better-than-seamless swimsuits.

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4. This may come as a surprise, but our Bellows One Piece was actually the cheekiest style, until the introduction of Huntington! The most flattering one-piece, Bellows Plunge High-Cut One Piece, features an extra smoothing silhouette, with a sexy, cheeky cut. They truly go beyond seamless swimwear for totally edgeless swimsuits. So much so, in fact, that in addition to turning heads at the beach, you may just find yourself wearing these beauties in your daily life, as supremely flattering bodysuits. 

5. Next we have the top seller from our Neo Retro Collection, Merritt Dipped Cheeky Bikini Bottom. The Merritt bottom brings some common customer feedback about Woodmont to life with this perfectly-edited cheeky bikini bottom. Merritt features a dipped front and back waistline, and slightly less coverage on the hips. And for those asking that we omit the back seam on Woodmont, you have that now with the Merritt bottom! (you’re welcome 😉) 

6. The Woodmont Cheeky Bikini Bottom is our OG best-selling swimsuit bottom that fits like your favorite no-show underwear, and it shows off the perfect amount of cheek. Merritt's (fraternal) twin sister, Woodmont, is our flirtiest cheeky bikini bottom, featuring a slight dip-down in the front and easy-to-wear coverage for maximum flattery. It's the perfect style to pull up on your hips and settle in for a perfect day of sun and seaspray 🌊 

7. Up next is our Hampton High Waisted High-Cut Bikini Bottom: our founder's absolute favorite bikini bottom that fits like underwear! The Hampton feels like your go-to seamless underwear. Featuring a leg-lengthening high-cut, classic back coverage, and a wide band of bonding around the waistband, this is the perfect bikini bottom that covers the lower belly. 

8. One of our most-requested styles: “a cheeky…that isn’t cheeky.” Tall order, right? Ok, well, we delivered! Our Rockwell Fuller Coverage Classic Bikini Bottom features the fullest possible coverage for a brief-style bottom (without it looking like a boyshort!), while still keeping the side seam height similar to a cheeky. This bathing suit bottom that fits like underwear has the cut of traditional brief-style underwear, which provides a comfortable, more modest amount of coverage than some of our other swim bottoms

9. For the most amount of coverage, we have the Compo Hipster Bikini BottomOffering moderate booty coverage and ample hip coverage, this beyond seamless bikini bottom hones right in on our concept of swimsuits that feel like underwear. Cut like your favorite hipster brief, these dig-free and beyond seamless swim bottoms (they’re totally edgeless!) are made using onewith’s patent-pending bonded construction. 

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So, here you have it: a complete guide to our better-than-seamless bikini bottom (and one piece!) styles, ranked by booty coverage! Whether you're packing for a family vacation or a girl's trip, we've got a style for every occasion. We've organized our dig-free swimwear styles by coverage on our website to make shopping easier than ever. Pick up some of our better-than-seamless bikini bottoms here, and see our swimsuits in action on our Pinterest + Instagram feeds. 😉💖✨

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