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2023 Year In Review for Better Than Seamless Swimwear

What a big year for our small business that makes swimwear that fits onewith your body! Wanna know what made 2023 so great for our patent-pending swimwear that fits like underwear?! Read on: 

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January 2023: we went CRAZY viral a few times over, and sold out of our newly restocked inventory of dig-free swimwear (which was supposed to last for months!) in just 3 days! 📱💥

February 2023: as you can imagine, after selling out that much that quickly, a BIG restock was in order. In less than 6 weeks, we restocked our entire collection! 🤯And, you sold us out... again! 

March 2023: another restock (this time, we planned ahead enough to not sell out instantly) ✅

April 2023: we dropped our most highly-requested style... ever. 🍑🍑 Our first thong bikini bottom that fits like underwear, Huntington! It's since become one of our best selling styles that's so beyond seamless swimwear.

June 2023: We launched our biggest collection of better-than-seamless swimwear... ever! 🪐Neo Retro🪩 had 9 styles and 5 new colorways, including another cheeky bikini bottom, a high waisted thong bikini bottom, and a classic halter triangle bikini top! 

September 2023: we dropped our Mystery Bundles for the first time and you all. went. wild. 🙈 So good, we had to do it again in October! 

November 2023: we celebrated 2 years of our patent-pending swim that fits like underwear 🎂👸

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Now let's review our top 6 best selling dig-free swimsuits that fit like no-show underwear. Our Woodmont Cheeky Bikini Bottom has been a fan favorite from the very beginning. So good, we had invent a sister style, so we introduce the Merritt Cheeky Bikini Bottom in our Neo Retro Collection! Since launching in April, our Huntington Thong Bikini Bottom has been a clear fan-favorite edgeless bikini style; this one is a true swimsuit that fits like no-show undies. Our Westerly Tie Front Bikini Top has remained a best seller for 2023, right next to Woodmont. The Thames Scoop Neck Bikini Top is another best selling swimsuit top that fits like seamless underwear. Lastly, for those who like a bikini bottom that covers the lower belly, the Hampton High Waist Bikini Bottom has been a best selling style of edgeless swimwear, since it was launched in our Core Collection. ✨💫⭐️ Go beyond seamless swimwear with edgeless, elastic-free, dig free, for the most-flattering swimsuits! Shop our 2023 Best Sellers here

Thank you so much for supporting us, and for showing onewith so much love 🥰🥰 We wouldn't be here without you! 🫶 Wishing you warmth, light, and abundance for 2024 🎉

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