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Why Underwear is More Flattering Than Swimwear (and What We Did About it!)

Have you ever wondered why underwear is so much more flattering than swimwear? One thing we could never understand is why swimwear couldn't fit more like everyone's favorite raw-cut no-show undies that are so much more flattering than swimwear, without ever digging in. Luckily for you, not only do we have the answer to this problem, but we also created the solution! 😉💅 That's why we invented onewith. Patent-pending dig-free, raw-cut, edgeless swimsuits that fit just like your favorite no-show underwear!

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Normal swimsuits have seams that create tension and squeeze and cut into the skin and elastic that creates indents and is just plain uncomfy. 😒 Even "seamless swimwear" has hidden seams inside that still dig in, making for an unflattering fit.  We never felt good in this swimwear, and we just wanted something that fit like raw-cut, edgeless no-show underwear that sat right on top of our skin, making us feel so good in our bodies.

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Enter: onewith. Our swimsuits are made with an infinity edge so it never digs in. No tight seams, no elastic, no bulkiness. 💫 Our smooth flattering swimsuits are 2 layers of fabric bonded together, not sewn with tight seams. To keep everything secure without the use of tight seams or elastic, there's a flexible inner grip-strip lining each and every opening on all of our dig-free swimsuit stylesonewith swim’s patent-pending raw-cut edges & dig-free swimsuit construction in combination with our soft inner grip strip ensures that everything stays where it should, smoothly, securely, and truly onewith your body. The most flattering swimwear ever keeps every curve smooth and gorgeous 

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Hands up for the best flattering swimwear! 🙌🎉 Are you ready to ditch unflattering swimsuits that dig in? Go beyond seamless swimwear with our collection of swimsuits that fit like underwear and pick up a swimsuit that's truly onewith your body here. 😊🔥💖 For more onewith, check out our IG, TikTok, and Pinterest

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