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Common Myths About onewith

Hi! We're onewith. We invented swimwear that's patent-pending, dig-free, elastic free, and edgeless, just like your favorite no-show undies. Truly onewith a woman's body. We know what you may be thinking... "Swimwear that fits like my favorite no-show undies? Seems way too good to be true!" And we're here to debunk the common myths about onewith and let you know that our beyond-seamless swimwear really is that good!

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Myth: Our dig-free, edgeless swimsuits are 1 layer of thin fabric.
Reality: Our swim is 2 layers of fabric just like any other swimwear; it's just bonded, not sewn with tight seams, so it lays flat on your skin like your favorite no-show underwear. So while it may have a thinner appearance, it is the same amount of material as most standard suits. 
Myth: The cups in our flattering bikini tops and one pieces aren't removable/our suits don't come with cups.
Reality: All of our onewith swimwear tops + one pieces feature removable cups. We find that most of our customers end up removing them, but for those who want them, they're in there! And for those who don't, they're removable
Myth: The onewith bikini tops don't fit all cup sizes.
Reality: Because we make swimwear that feels like underwear, our swim tends to be a fab fit on so, so many bust sizes... from AA to J cup and beyond! We make flattering swimsuits for sizes XXS (in select styles; soon to be adding more!) to 4XL and we can certainly accommodate all body types and bust sizes across our collection. As having a larger cup and smaller band is common amongst our customers, we made this video to show that there are absolutely styles in our collection that would be supportive and flattering. Pro-tip for choosing your onewith bikini top size: we don't size by cup! We'd recommend going with the same size top you would for a camisole. There's also a fit note in each product description that will help you choose your size. 
Myth: The inner grip strip is hard and plasticy.
Reality: We line all of our suits with a smooth, flexible inner grip-strip, a fan fave from the beginning, to keep your swim that fits like underwear in place while you get to worry about more important things, like feeling your best in our most flattering swimwear. With this soft inner grip-strip, we're able to keep the raw-cut, edgeless suit up without using traditional seams or elastic that cuts into the skin. While the fabric handfeel/the feeling of the inner grip strip is subjective person-to-person (which we totally get!), please just note that "warming up your swimwear" by stretching as directed is essential to the fit of your swim, and can make all the difference in terms of comfort, fit, and feel. 
Myth: It still digs in, just like any other swimsuit.
Reality: Our better-than-seamless swimsuits lay flat on your skin, and don't dig in like traditional swimwear. It's crucial that your onewith is sized & stretched properly, to ensure it will lay flat on your skin like your favorite no-show undies. If your raw-cut, edgeless swimsuit still digs in after stretching, sizing up would be the key to remedying that, and finding your perfect flattering onewith fit!
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We hope this helped debunk any misconceptions you had about onewith. If you have any questions at all, please shoot us an email or DM on IG; our customer service team is always happy to help. For more onewith, be sure to follow us on IG and TikTok, and pick up your very own game-changing, dig-free swimwear here
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