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The Truth About Seamless Swimwear - And Why onewith is BETTER than Seamless!

Have you ever wondered why you feel better in your seamless undies than you do in swimwear? Well, that's because normal swimwear, even "seamless swimwear," (yep, you read that right!), has tight seams and elastic that squeeze and dig. Here at onewith, we changed the swimwear game and created raw-cut, edgeless swimwear without the use of tight seams and elastic! It's time to go beyond seamless swimwear with our swimsuits that feel like underwear™️

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The Problem: We were SO sick of always feeling better in our underwear than we did in swimwear. "Seamless swimwear" still has tight seams and elastic, but it's concealed within 2 layers of fabric, creating a bulky, unflattering, and uncomfortable fit. In this tiktok, we cut apart a seamless swimwear bottom to reveal the sneaky elastic inside. 

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The Solution: We invented patent-pending raw-cut, elastic-free, dig-free, edgeless swimwear; truly better-than-seamless-swimwear! 

Our flattering swimsuits are able to fit like your favorite no-show undies because of the raw-cut, edgeless construction! A common misconception about onewith is that our swim is one layer of fabric, making it fit and feel like no-show underwear. All onewith swimsuits are two layers of fabric, just like every other swimwear brand; it's just bonded, not sewn with tight seams. We fuse the layers of swim fabric together for an ultra-sleek/smooth/dig-free fit and feel. Since there are two layers of fabric, our better-than-seamless swimsuits are opaque, and no more see-through than a normal swimsuit.  

With the power of a soft inner grip strip that lines each and every one of our flattering swimwear pieces, our suits fit like your favorite no-show undies. The grip strip proved to be a fan-favorite feature of our flattering swimsuits for many reasons. It's super soft and flexible, it adds friction between your body and your dig-free swimsuit, and it keeps your swimsuit that fits like underwear secure without the use of tight seams or elastic! 

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onewith is patent-pending, female-founded, and size inclusive, with a size range of XXS to 4XL, perfectly flattering for every body. If you're ready to dive in and go beyond seamless swimwear with our swimsuits that feel like underwear,™️ pick up an ultra-flattering swimsuit here. And keep following along on our TikTok & Instagram for more onewith! 

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