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How to Hand Wash Your onewith Swimwear Like Underwear

You truly cannot have swimwear like underwear without washing it like underwear. People often get scared when they see a swimsuit label that says ‘hand wash only.’ LOTS of flattering swimsuits have this as part of their care instructions, and it’s for good reason! Like other kinds of intimates, swim is just inherently more delicate than most apparel. While hand washing can SOUND scary…we promise, it’s not that deep. We've provided a step by step guide on how to hand wash your onewith swimwear that looks like underwear to lengthen the lifespan of your dig-free swimsuit and keep it fresh for your next wear!

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Hand washing your beyond-seamless swimwear can simply translate to rinsing it in the shower when you get back from wearing it out all day. It's vital that you care for your dig-free swimwear by rinsing it as soon as possible after coming back from the beach, pool, a day in the sun, etc…especially if any sunscreen or lotions got on it. Here's how we recommend washing your flattering swimwear, step-by-step

1. Rinse your swimwear like underwear thoroughly, saturating the entirety of the piece to ensure a full wash.

2. Make sure to press out any excess water, (avoid wringing it out at all costs!) 

3. Lay flat to dry on a towel!

And in the case of needing to spot clean any harsher stains on your better-than-seamless swimwear garment, feel free to use a very gentle detergent for a spot treatment during the rinsing process!

It’s that simple. Our swimsuits that fit like underwear will thank you later!

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