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A Look Back on Our Fave Flattering Swimwear Launches

As swimsuit season finally rolls around again along our Northeastern shores and we diligently prepare for our BIGGEST collection yet, we wanted to pay homage to our past releases over the years ahead of the next upcoming launch of our beyond-seamless swimwear that fits like underwear

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Who remembers when we first launched our swimwear that fits like underwear back in November of 2021? It was over 2.5 years before that when our founder, Hayley, had her lightbulb moment that she needed to invent something more like no-show underwear in order to make the most flattering swimwear that women everywhere were waiting to find. Enter: onewith swim's first ever better-than-seamless swimwear collection, the Punchy Collection. With colorways like bold Remy Stripes, floral Trop Pop, yellow Mimosa, and hot pink Taffy, and since-discontinued styles like our Breakers belted one piece & Hyannis tie-strap bikini top, this collection brought the smoothing power of onewith swim into the world with a bang! 

onewith swim, onewith swimsuits, swimwear that feels like underwear

The next incarnation of our best flattering swimsuits took us deep into the Abyss with the release of our staple black colorway. As the most highly requested color for our swimwear like underwear, when the Abyss Collection launched in April of 2022, our customers went wild for this deep inky black that was first released as an upcycled version of our original Punchy Collection suits, dyed locally in New York state. Unlike most colors in other launches of our dig-free swimwear, our Abyss black colorway is here to stay (as a permanent, non-upcycled core color!) Now offered in our recently revealed and highly anticipated Huntington thong swimsuit bottom that fits like underwear

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear, swimsuits that feel like underwear

The most recent collection launched of our swimwear that doesn't dig in gave way to one of the most successful days in onewith swim history so far. Limited edition colorways such as dainty floral Chloé Fleur and hot coral Siren were released with our moody Wharf Collection on 1/11 of this year. In addition to the new colorways in this better-than-seamless swimwear collection that kicked off the year, we swapped out our Hyannis tie-strap bikini top for our ultra-smoothing, dig-free Harkness bandeau bikini top, which can also be worn as a tube top. Our Ivy colorway stuck around as well, pulled from our original Punchy Collection as another fan fave neutral.

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear, best swimwear for midsize

With 4 patents-pending on our swimwear like underwear, dozens of press coverage pieces, and several viral Tik Tok moments, onewith swim has been taking the world by storm with our completely edgeless, dig-free swimwear design since our first launch back in 2021.

Knowing we’re changing the way women feel in swimwear with each and every order is the reason why we do what we do; we knew there was a better way to make swim, so we made it happen. Each new collection of our patent-pending, better-than-seamless swimwear has had its own flavor of patent-pending innovation and revolutionary fit. So what could be in this next generation of onewith swimwear that fits like underwear? Make sure to subscribe to our text updates and be the first to see our new collection when it drops! In the meantime, shop what's already in stock here, and stay tuned for more over on our IG


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