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How To Put On Our Best-Selling Bikini Top That Fits Like Underwear

The Westerly Tie Front Bikini Top is one of our best-selling styles of swimwear that fits like underwear, for a good reason! It's a universally flattering bikini top, featuring a dramatic low-cut scoop neckline with *just* enough coverage, a functional tie front, and removable cups! This flattering bikini top gives you the control over how much push-up action there will be. onewith swim’s patent-pending raw-cut edges & dig-free swimsuit construction in combination with our soft inner grip strip ensures that everything stays where it should, smoothly, securely, and truly onewith your body. 😏

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We find that when people write in with questions about the fit of this dig-free bikini top, the majority of the time, they are not putting it on correctly! It's easy, though! We promise. 😉

Step 1: Start with your Westerly untied. Sling it over your shoulder like a backpack. 🎒

Step 2: Here's where the magic comes in, ready? 3 words: Lean. 👏 Lift. 👏 Tie. 👏 When leaning over, you'll lift your girls, and tie the suit in that leaned position. This is key for the right support and lift. 

Step 3: Now that you're situated, do not discount this step. 🙌 SO many fit issues are easily solvable by this final step: Lift and Scoop! Go in, lift & scoop your girls right where you want them, and tie the Westerly tighter if you need to. And that's it! Just like that, you've successfully put on your beyond-seamless swimsuit top! 

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If you're more of a visual learner, check out this demo we posted over on our TikTok! You'll see these steps in action, resulting in a perfectly flattering and supportive bikini top that's lay-flat and dig-free! Great on all bust sizes, the Westerly Tie Front Bikini Top comes in XXS-4XL. Pick up your own Westerly bikini top that fits like underwear here, and check out our full collection of dig-free, raw-cut, elastic-free, and edgeless swimwear here! 💖🛍️👙

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