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Most Underrated Swimsuit Styles That Fit Like No-Show Underwear

We're always talking about our best selling better-than-seamless swimwear styles, but honestly, there's a few underrated styles not from our best sellers list that deserve just as much hype! Here's our chance to tell you about some of our most underrated pieces in our patent-pending collection of swimsuits that fit like underwear, which also happen to be some of the best pieces we have! 

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Wainscott Triangle Halter Bikini Top - This is the ultimate triangle-tie-bikini-top! While a triangle halter bikini top is a staple feature of any swim brand, executing this in a onewith way (raw cut edge, elastic-free, super soft inner grip strip at the edges) was something we had to be incredibly thoughtful about. Which means we are bursting with excitement to bring you: Wainscott, a universally flattering triangle swimwear bikini top like you’ve never seen. We carefully attended to each edge, seam, and curve to ensure that Wainscott will sit smoothly and be onewith your body - no pinching, no digging in, no slipping out of place. All that and removable cups! 

Roxbury Plunge Neck Bikini Top - Such a killer style. The Roxbury is a totally timeless and flattering banded plunge v-neck bikini top that is supportive and offers ample pushup. Roxbury goes beyond seamless swimwear and ups the ante, pairing this classic look with unprecedented comfort and functionality. Rock the Roxbury on your beach day for a style that is completely onewith you.   

Lasata Super High Waist Bikini Bottom - The most underrated piece in our entire collection... ever! Lasata, a SUPER high-waised take on our uber flattering Hampton swim bottom. Lasata’s high-leg, ultra-high waist nature hits just the right balance between sporty and retro-80s-sexy. For those who love Hampton but want more tummy and belly button coverage, you’re gonna LOVE Lasata. And because of onewith’s soft inner tape detailing, Lasata Super High Waist Bikini Bottom is held comfortably in place all day. We guarantee this style of swimwear that fits like underwear will truly feel like a second skin, perfectly onewith your body. 

Havens Scoop Neck One Piece - Snatching without ever being compressing, for a perfect onewith your body fit. Havens shares the exact body of Bellows (with a slighly longer torso, thanks to feedback from our customers!) but with a classic scooped neckline. Our bonded construction ensures that this better-than-seamless one piece absolutely doesn’t dig in. Havens naturally works so well as a bodysuit because of that lay-flat, dig-free, edgeless swimsuit construction; it layers so well under jeans, skirts, etc. There's so many ways to style this versatile better-than-seamless swimsuit!

Harkness Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top - Classic bandeau style bikini top with sneaky support. The Harkness is truly one of our most flattering, better-than-seamless swimwear styles. Why? It’s totally edgeless! Thanks to our patent-pending bonded construction and soft inner grip strip, this strapless bandeau is surprisingly secure and dig-free. It also doubles as the perfect, super-smooth tube top! With a modern long-line silhouette and a solid amount of support for busts of all sizes (check out the brand imagery across our IG, TikTok, Pinterest, and website to see what we mean!), this strapless bikini top is always a go-to. 

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Honorable mention: Ok, not actually a style, but we wanted to highlight underrated colorways from our collection of dig-free swimwear that fits like underwear. Buzzin' is a fluorescent chartreuse, super light, electric lime green (some may consider it yellow!). Plush is a beautiful, blush, pretty pink. Cola is a super dark, rich brown. Honey Spots is a classic cheetah, so flattering and versatile. Every style in our Neo Retro Collection is available in these colorways, plus a few more! Which one's your favorite?  

Each of our swimsuits truly feel like seamless undies, with a smooth and flattering fit courtesy of our bonded and edge-free design, and the total absence of chunky seams and elastics. And, onewith makes all of its bikini tops (and one pieces!) with removable cups, raw-cut/bonded edges, and a soft inner grip. Try one of our underrated pieces; you'll be so glad you did!

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