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Neo Retro Best-Sellers Roundup!

As many of you know, onewith swimwear that fits like underwear launched its largest collection to date of dig-free swimwear on 6/7/23. With 9 new styles and 5 new colorways (plus the return of #1 best-selling Abyss), Neo Retro is bringing out-of-this-world newness and nostalgia, as well as classic silhouettes you can't get enough of. We are just as excited as you for the newest launch of swimsuits that fit like underwear and were eager to see what styles & colorways you would love the most! Without further ado, here are the results of the top 3 style picks & colorways of the newest onewith swimwear like underwear on the scene:

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1) The Merritt Dipped Cheeky Bikini Bottom took the cake in this launch! Coming in first, this womens flattering bikini bottom is a fresh take on our #1 best-selling Woodmont beyond-seamless swimwear bikini bottom! The Merritt bottom brings some common customer feedback about Woodmont to life with this perfectly-edited cheeky bikini bottom. Merritt features a dipped front and back waistline, and slightly less coverage on the hips. And for those asking that we omit the back seam on Woodmont, you have that now with Merritt!

2) The Roxbury Plunge Neck Bikini Top came in a close second fave of our better-than-seamless swimwear! Our founder’s own fave, the Roxbury is a totally timeless and flattering banded plunge v-neck bikini top that is supportive, comfortable, and completely functional as dig-free swimwear. We're excited for you to rock the Roxbury on your beach day for a style that is completely onewith your body!

3) And roaring in third, the Wainscott Triangle Halter Bikini Top. Executing a triangle halter bikini top in a onewith way (raw cut edge, elastic-free, super soft inner grip strip at the edges) was something we had to be incredibly thoughtful about. Which means we are bursting with excitement at the response Wainscott has received! A universally flattering triangle swimwear bikini top like you’ve never seen. We carefully attended to each edge, seam, and curve to ensure that Wainscott would sit smoothly and be onewith your body - no pinching, no digging in, no slipping out of place. All that and removable cups! Seems our work here is done ;) And for a minimal chic and sexy look, we recommend pairing Wainscott with our aforementioned Merritt bottoms!

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Our beyond seamless swimwear neutral tones came shining through in this launch!

1) Ever in the lead, Abyss beat out all other colorways now offered in all 16 onewith swim styles available on our site - Always our #1 best-seller, Abyss is a perfect inky black that is completely classic. 

2) The richest navy that is truly otherworldly, our Stellar colorway came in second. The perfect neutral, color blocking well with any one of our other flattering swimwear colorways. 

3) Like your go-to pillowy lipstick, a fuzzy shag rug…Plush is a perfect, soft, mid-tone pink that blends blush and Barbiecore. Though this colorway came in third, Buzzin' did come in very close behind it! Where key lime meets chartreuse, this fizzy, soft neon is another standout of our brighter colorways. 

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Which of our better-than-seamless swimwear styles & colorways were your favorite in the Neo Retro Collection? Check out ALL of our newest swimsuits that fit like underwear here and take your pick. Let us know over on our IG!

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