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3 Reasons Why You Feel Better in Underwear Than You Do in Swimwear (& What We Did About It)

Have you ever noticed how much more comfortable underwear is than the swimwear on the mainstream market today? Ever feel like you would rather wear your no-show undies to the pool rather than put on another swimsuit that digs, squeezes, and is just plain unflattering? It isn't you, sis, and you aren’t the only one! So many other women have felt this way, including us. That's why we invented onewith swim, swimwear that fits and feels like your favorite no-show underwear. We saw everything that was wrong with swimwear and did something about it. Here are 3 reasons why you've felt better in underwear than in swimwear, and the problem-solving power of onewith swim that changed that narrative for good.  

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1. No-show underwear and onewith swim are raw-cut, unlike other “seamless” alternatives. 

Just like no-show underwear, onewith swim does just that, lays flat and fits onewith your body, so there’s no trying to fit or squeeze into our pieces. Rather than other swimsuit brands that claim to be “seamless” (the seam is usually just turned inside out!), onewith swimsuits are raw-cut and completely edgeless, making them even better than the seamless swimwear brands that still dig and squeeze. 

2. onewith, like no-show panties, has infinity edges that give the appearance of a second-skin. 

The raw-cut edges provide an edgeless fit without any bulk or additional tension like traditional swimwear. This creates a smooth silhouette while allowing our swimsuits to hug your body in all the right places! 

3. Underwear was designed to stay put while moving with your body, so why shouldn't swim?

It's true that most swimwear brands use elastic to keep swimsuits from moving around on the body. As we're sure you know, elastic in any garment not only leaves indents, it's also just plain uncomfy. So we figured out another way! We line all of our onewith swimsuits with a smooth, flexible inner-grip strip. A fan fave from the beginning, this keeps your swim that fits like underwear in place while you get to worry about more important things, like feeling your best in our swimwear. Trust us, this is a game changer, and allows for our swimsuits to truly shine as swimwear that doesn't dig in.  

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It has always been our mission to change swimwear for the better so that women stop feeling like they need to change themselves, which is why our patent-pending, dig-free, elastic-free, edgeless swimwear like underwear is also offered in sizes XS to 4XL (soon to be adding XXS to our inventory!) Be sure to shop our size inclusive, dig-free swimwear here and stay tuned for more swimwear like underwear updates on our Instagram and Pinterest

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