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If you've been searching for size inclusive, flattering swim that fits like underwear, look no further than onewith swim. We believe that women shouldn't feel like they have to change their bodies to change how they feel in swimwear. That’s why we chose to make our swimwear size inclusive, ranging from sizes XS to 4XL, so that all women can feel best in their bodies. But before you make your onewith purchase, here are some helpful tips on how to pick the size that's right for you.  From XS to midsize swimwear to plus size flattering swimwear…our brand (and size range) has your back. 

midsize swimwear, plus size flattering swimwear

Taking your measurements

The first step in knowing your perfect onewith size is taking the measurements of your hips, waist, and bust. All you'll need for this is a tape measure & a good place to record your measurements for quick reference when online shopping! Here's a quick guide we've made for you on how to take your own measurements. 

In addition to knowing your size…

Size up if you’re between sizes 

When it comes to our swimwear, you want to make sure the fit is just right—not too snug and not too loose. If you find yourself in between sizes on our size chart, always remember to size up to garner your truly dig-free swimwear. 

Stretch before wearing 

One of the best things about buying a new onewith swimsuit is the feeling when you put it on and it fits just right. To have that just right moment when putting it on, always remember to stretch your swim before wearing it! 

plus size flattering swimwear, womens flattering bikinis

onewith swim believes every woman deserves to feel good in flattering swimwear. With these helpful tips, confidently shop our size inclusive swim that fits like underwear here.

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