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Our Swimwear is Patent-Pending | So, What Does Patent-Pending Mean?

If you’ve seen or heard the phrase “patent-pending,” you may be wondering what it means and how it applies to our swimwear that fits like underwear. We are proud to say that our dig-free, elastic-free, and edgeless swimwear is patent-pending—but what does that actually mean? Let’s take a look at why being patent-pending is important.

seamless swimwear

What Is A Patent?
A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a government for an invention. This means that the creator of the invention has the sole right to use and make money from the invention for a specific period of time. Patents are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in order to secure these rights over the invention.

What Does "Patent-Pending" Mean?
When someone refers to something as “patent-pending,” it means that the inventor has applied for a patent but it is not yet approved or granted by the USPTO. During this process, which can take up to two years or more, no one else can sell or manufacture the product without permission from the inventor—so this is why we proudly put “patent pending” on our swimsuits that feel like underwear!

It also means that we are confident in our product and we believe in its value enough to put forth all necessary effort into protecting it with a patent. Patenting an invention requires extensive research, preparation, and filing with government agencies both domestically and internationally—so while we wait on approval of our patent application, you know that you can trust us with your purchase knowing that we have taken all steps necessary to protect our design AND concept of swimwear that fits like underwear!

swimwear that fits like underwear

At onewith, we are proud to say that our dig-free, elastic-free and edgeless swimwear is patent-pending. Our commitment to providing problem-solving products begins with applying for patents and continues through every step along the way from manufacturing through delivery. Shop now and experience dig-free comfort just like your favorite no-show underwear!

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