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onewith's Swim That Fits Like Underwear Goes Viral on TikTok Again!

our most recent viral moment started when a TikTok creator named Claire Groves posted a video stating that she wished swimwear that fit like no-show underwear existed. Naturally, you all started tagging us in the comments...
viral swimwear that feels like undewear
We dueted and stitched the video showcasing the solution to Claire's problem: our patent-pending swimwear that fits like underwear. We did this duet & stitch multiple times over the course of 10 days or so, and one of our stitches to Claire's content racked up nearly 2 million views (and yes, in case you're wondering...we sent Claire some well-deserved onewith!) You can follow us on TikTok/check out the videos here
So what does this mean for onewith? Well, for one, we're very low-stock on most everything again, JUST after our recent restock. We had over 100,000 people on the site so far this month from this viral pop, and more people than ever are buying our second-skin swim. You can sign up for restock updates here
Whether you have been with us since we launched back in November 2021, or if you're a new onewith customer...we are so appreciative of you supporting our female-founded small business!
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