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The Importance of Stretching Your onewith swimsuit that fits like no-show underwear

We know how exciting it can be to get a new swimsuit in the mail; most of the time, you just rip the package open, try the swimsuit on, and throw the packaging away. We're all guilty of it! That said, if you try on your onewith and think "oh no! It's digging in still! This is the wrong size for me," it's likely because you're skipping one crucial step that's included within the packaging you may have just tossed to the side! You need to Stretch 👏 Your 👏 Suit 👏 This is truly essential to the fit of our swim suits that fit like undies and it'll help you achieve your perfect, dig-free, flattering swimsuit fit and feel. A little stretch reminder is printed on each and every onewith tag, and you can find a QR code that takes you to the stretch demo on the bookmark included in your order. 

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Because we line all of our suits with a smooth, flexible inner grip strip, a fan fave from the beginning, your swimsuit that fits like underwear will stay in place while you get to worry about more important things, like feeling your best in our most flattering swimwear. With this soft inner grip-strip, we're able to keep the raw-cut, edgeless suit up without using traditional seams or elastic that cuts into the skin. It's because of this inner grip strip that you'll need to give your onewith flattering swimsuit a stretch before each wear. While the fabric handfeel/the feeling of the inner grip strip is subjective person-to-person (which we totally get!), please just note that "warming up your swimwear" by stretching as directed makes all the difference in terms of comfort, fit, and feel. 

👉 A common mis-conception we often hear is that customers think a onewith better-than-seamless swimsuit that's been stretched is not eligible for a return or exchange. That is not the case! Stretching is absolutely essential to the fit of our game-changing swimwear that fits like underwear, so stretching your onewith does not void the return or exchange. We promise! If you're writing in looking to exchange for a larger size, please just ensure you've warmed up your onewith, following the demonstration

👉 Another misconception is that customers think they shouldn't need to give their dig-free swimsuit a stretch at all. A suit that doesn't require a stretch is likely a suit that's too big! We do recommend that the suits are still snug to the skin (without digging in) after warming it up like this, so that the suits aren't prone to stretching out due to the excess fabric movement in the water. If this step isn't necessary for you, then you'll likely want to try the size down! You'll need to give your beyond seamless swimsuit a stretch, for sure, when you get them...but the combo of smoothness + snugness is key for security, function, and second-skin feel 😊

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Check out the difference between an "out of the box" onewith suit and that same onewith swimsuit that was given a good stretch 👆👆 So, what do you think? Are you ready to ditch normal swimsuit that dig and squeeze, and say "hello 👋" to our dig-free swimsuits that fit like no-show underwear? If the answer is yes, then check out our site here. Be sure to follow us on IG for more tips + tricks about our game-changing swimwear that fits like undies. 🌊✨

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