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The Key To Achieving the "Swimsuit That Fits Like Undies" Fit

If you get your onewith and think "oh no! It's digging in still! This is the wrong size for me" when you first try on your better-than seamless swimsuit, it's likely because you're skipping one crucial step! You need to Stretch 👏 Your 👏 Suit 👏 This is truly essential to the fit of our swimsuits that fit like undies and it'll help you achieve your perfect, dig-free, flattering swimsuit fit and feel. We include a little stretch reminder on the tag of every beyond seamless swimsuit piece, and you can find a QR code that takes you to the stretch demo on the bookmark included in every order. Take a look at what a onewith swimsuit looks like before and after it's warmed up with a stretch: 

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How to stretch your swimsuit that fits like no-show underwear:

At each side of the garment opening, but not directly on the seams, pinch and stretch all sides where there's the inner grip strip. Then, put it back on your body. There's still a little bit of stretching to do at this point, so keep warming up your onewith by stretching it until you achieve that flattering second-skin, no-show underwear look! It's super quick and easy, and it makes all the difference! If you're a visual learner, we got you! Check out the demo we made here.  

Why you need to stretch your onewith swimsuit: 

We line all of our suits with a smooth, flexible inner grip-strip, a fan fave from the beginning, to keep your swim that fits like underwear in place while you get to worry about more important things, like feeling your best in our most flattering swimwear. With this soft inner grip-strip, we're able to keep the raw-cut, edgeless suit up without using traditional seams or elastic that cuts into the skin. While the fabric handfeel/the feeling of the inner grip strip is subjective person-to-person (which we totally get!), please just note that "warming up your swimwear" by stretching as directed makes all the difference in terms of comfort, fit, and feel. 

A few notes: 

 ⭐ Do NOT expect our suits to be IDENTICAL to no-show underwear in fit. Do note that our suits do not have the same amount of stretchiness of standard no-show panty due to the inner grip strip & bonding. 

⭐ Stretching your suit is essential to the fit of our swim, so it would never be a reason we refuse a return! If you're looking to swap sizes or return due to the fact that your suit is too small, please ensure you've given it a proper stretch before! This quick step is often overlooked, but if you haven't tried this yet, you'd be surprised just how effective stretching your edgeless swimsuit is!

⭐You won't need to continue stretching your beyond seamless swimsuit while you're wearing it out and about; you'll only need to do it each time you put it on. 

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When our swimwear is sized & stretched properly, it will not dig in like normal swim does. Fit varies body-to-body, and giving one-size-fits-all guidance is always tricky, but we're always here to help if you need any fit or style guidance! Feel free to send us a DM over on our IG, text us, or email If you're ready to ditch normal swimsuit that dig and squeeze, check out our dig-free swimsuits that fit like no-show underwear here

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