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What Women are Saying About onewith Swim's No Show Bathing Suits that Fit Like Underwear

As onewith swim takes the market by storm with our problem solving, better-than-seamless swimsuits that fit like underwear, you don't have to search too hard to find onewith swim reviews and hear what women from all over are saying about our most flattering, dig-free swimwear! 

onewith swim, dig-free swimsuits that fit like underwear

onewith swim's Solution to a Long-Standing Problem
Swimwear is notorious for not looking as good as underwear, but we realized it doesn't have to be this way. We set out to solve this issue by creating an entirely new kind of swimwear that is dig-free, elastic-free, and edgeless, just like your fave no-show undies. Our no-show bathing suits also have a super-soft, thin, flexible inner grip strip inside of our suits that our customers love...and our first viral TikTok video showcased how this strip aids in our suit concept and functionality!

When we launched in November of 2021, it quickly caught the attention of TikTok users who spread the word about this amazing new product. In addition, traditional press outlets have been covering our brand since, which has further increased awareness about the revolutionary new solution for those looking for the most flattering swimwear that feels like underwear. As more people heard about onewith swim, demand increased—and so did sales! Women have been thrilled to finally find something that truly fits onewith their bodies. We made it a point to change swimwear so that women don't feel like they need to change themselves. Here's what more women have been sharing in their own onewith swim reviews about our beyond-seamless swimwear that looks like underwear across all platforms:

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear review

Influencer Claire Groves didn’t know she was about to spark a massive sell-out of our swim that fits like underwear when she created her original video earlier this year pondering why swimsuits weren’t as flattering as no-show undies that we stitched & went viral for! Naturally, we sent her some of our most flattering swimwear, no strings attached, just to say thanks and to try it out! Here’s Claire’s reaction video to our patent-pending swimwear that fits like underwear. 


onewith swim review

That video of Claire's onewith swim review received over 6 MILLION views! Our business went CRAZY viral, in part thanks to Claire. More recently, she posted these photos rockin' Bellows in Siren (a limited edition color…once it’s gone, it’s GONE! Shop it here!) Yet another testament to the problem-solving power of onewith swim and how our customers feel their absolute best in our flattering swimwear. 

onewith swimwear like underwear review

Or take it from Taylor…the search for the most flattering swimsuits that fit like underwear stops HERE. onewith invented swimsuits that fit like underwear™️ (patent-pending). We created swimsuits that are dig-free, elastic-free, and edgeless…just like your fave no-show undies! And Taylor's onewith swim review confirms that and then some!

onewith swim review, black bikini review

Cecelia discovered our patent-pending, better-than-seamless swimwear that fits like underwear & did a try-on comparison of a raw-cut pair of undies versus our swim. Check out what she has to say about how our product delivered exactly what she's been asking for in flattering swimwear here

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear, no show bathing suits

Want to find out for yourself just how life-changing our swimsuits that don't dig in are? Shop our beyond-seamless swimwear here, and follow us on Instagram + Pinterest for more exclusive content & countless other onewith swim reviews. See you there!

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