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Bikini Bottoms Like Underwear...Yes, They Exist!

bikini bottoms like underwear

Have you ever had difficulty finding swimwear that fits like your favorite underwear? Does your normal swimwear have tight seams and elastic that squeezes your skin, making it uncomfortable and unflattering? If so, then you’re not alone. We understand the frustrations of finding the perfect swimwear, which is why we created onewith – the ultimate bikini bottoms that fit like underwear.

The concept for creating onewith was simple – raw-cut, elastic-free, edgeless swim that would truly be onewith your body, just like your favorite no-show underwear! The raw-cut edges provide an edgeless fit without any bulk or additional tension like traditional swimwear. Raw-cut edges provide an edgeless finish without additional tension or squeeze to the skin. This creates a smooth silhouette while allowing our bikini bottoms to hug your body in all the right places!

Shop our cheeky bikini bottoms (and all of our other bikini bottoms like underwear!) here

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