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How to Find Your Perfect onewith swim Fit

Normal swimwear has tight seams and elastics that dig, which is why we created our collection of beyond-seamless swimwear that is super flattering, dig-free, and edgeless. The key to achieving the dig-free yet secure fit of our swimwear that fits like underwear all comes down to finding the right size for you! With the help of WAIR, and our fit notes, you'll be better equipped to having your dream onewith swimsuit in no time! 🎉 

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Everyone is wonderfully unique, and the human body is much more dynamic than any size chart could ever capture. That being said, our sizing quiz is the next best thing to actually trying on our suits in person 😉🔍 All you have to do is answer a few simple questions on the WAIR quiz found on every product page or on our Size Guide. While we don't size by cup, including your bra size as supplemental information allows WAIR to assess your fit based on data and provide you with the best recommendations. 📊✨ So you know, your privacy is our priority, so rest assured that all answers remain anonymous. 

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Our swimwear is designed to be so onewith your body that it feels like a second skin. 🤗 Because of this intimate fit, you might find that different styles hug your body in different ways, style-to-style. Some may sit higher, some lower - it's all about where they hit/hug on your body, and each wearer's proportions are unique. Because fit can vary, our styles feature a fit note in each of their descriptions to help you select the correct size for your better-than-seamless swimsuit. ✍️

Pro-tip: Stretching is essential to the fit of our flattering swimwear! For the combo of smoothness + snugness that is key for security, function, and second-skin feel, we SO recommend that the suits are still snug to the skin (without digging in) after giving it a stretch like this😊 As with any garment that has extra space between it & the body when in water, having a onewith swimsuit that feels like a firm, snug hug will ensure the suits aren't prone to stretching out due to the excess fabric movement in the water. 

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Disclaimer: While we strive to provide the most accurate sizing guidance possible, please note that individual fit preferences and proportions may (read: WILL) vary. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is always here to assist you...and, we offer 1 free courtesy exchange for domestic customers! To grab your dream dig-free, edgeless swimsuit that is totally onewith your body, check out our website here.  🛒👙 For more fit tips and tricks, and to see our suits in action, be sure to keep following along on our Instagram and Pinterest

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