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Order Protection FAQs 

What is Order Protection? covers your order for every major issue that can occur during shipping. Your order will be protected against loss, damage, theft, wrong items, defective items and missing items. 

If something goes wrong during shipping, you can quickly file a claim in a few clicks. You'll receive a refund or reshipment if your claim is approved. 

To protect your order, make sure Order Protection is toggled on in your cart. 

We are also thrilled to announce that opting into Order Protection ALSO makes your order ship carbon neutral! A win/win for protecting your order, and the environment.

How do I purchase Order Protection? 

In your cart, there is a toggle to turn Order Protection on or off. Turn on Order Protection to purchase protection for your order! If you have protection turned on, you will see it appear as a line item during checkout. 

How do I file a claim with Order Protection? 

Click here to file a claim. 

Please note that you’ll only be able to file a claim if you purchased Order Protection when placing your order.

What does Order Protection cover? covers your order for loss, damage, theft, wrong items, defective items and missing items. 

How much does Order Protection cost? 

Order Protection starts at just over a dollar for orders under $100.

How long does it take for my claim to get resolved? 

You’ll typically get a response within an hour, and most claims are resolved that same day. has 24/7 support staff so you can expect responses and communication around the clock. 

I didn’t add Order Protection to my order, but I need to make a claim. If you chose not to purchase Order Protection at checkout, and you have an issue with your order, you’ll need to contact our customer service team. You can contact us by emailing

For other shipping-related questions, check our shipping page here