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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Better-Than-Seamless Swimwear

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear

We know our beyond-seamless swimwear is like nothing else on the market (and we intended it to be that way, of course!) and that can come with some questions about our super unique swimwear that fits like underwear. We hope this helps to answer them! 

Q Does that strip inside your suits contain latex?

A onewith cannot guarantee that the inner grip strip inside of our swimsuits that don't dig in does not contain trace amounts of latex. Therefore, if you have a latex sensitivity or allergy, we recommend you exercising the same caution and sensibilities you would take in general when determining whether or not to use or wear a product that may contain latex.

Q What size am I?

A In general we are true-to-size. But please reference our size guide here. Each product page features a fit note to help you choose your best size for that particular style if you find yourself in-between sizes. 

onewith swim, plus size flattering swimwear, swimsuits that don't dig in

Q What happens if my onewith swimsuit(s) don't fit? Can I return/exchange? 

A We offer a 14-day return/exchange policy on our swimwear. The 14-day window begins the day of carrier-confirmed delivery. A customer's first exchange is FREE so they can ensure they find their perfect onewith swim size.  Returns incur an $8.95 fee to cover shipping. Returns and exchanges MUST come back to us in their original, unworn condition. Read more about the onewith Return Policy here. And always remember to stretch your onewith swim, so you can make the call on whether the swim truly is too small or if it might just need a stretch! 

Please note that items purchased at a discount of 50% or more (including archive sale items) are absolutely, positively final sale! No returns, exchanges, no exceptions.  

Q Do you do international shipping?

A onewith swim is happy to report that INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS BACK! We are proud to ship worldwide. Some notes: 

We can not, under any circumstances, process exchanges or returns for international customers at this time. All international sales are positively FINAL.

Shipping rate to your country is calculated at checkout. 

onewith swim is not responsible for ANY customs, duties, or taxes associated with international orders. These are costs to be paid by the customer if applicable.

Q Where are your dig-free swimsuits designed & made, and what kind of fabric is it? 

A We are a US-based company; our most flattering women's swimsuits are designed in North America and made in China. Our partner factory is female-founded, Sedex certified, and SGS ISO:14001 system certified. All pieces are made of 80% recycled nylon, 20% elastane. 

Q Are your suits see-through? 

A No more see-through than a normal swimsuit; our suits are 2 layers of fabric just like any other's just bonded, not sewn with tight seams, so that it lays flat on your skin like your favorite no-show underwear.

Q If I don't know my size, can I just order multiple sizes and return what doesn't work? 

A Bracketing + high-quantity first orders are STRONGLY discouraged: while we understand the desire to find your best size(s) and styles, ordering multiple variants of a piece with the intention of returning those that do not fit/suit you creates inventory issues for us as a small business, and also compromises hygiene best practices. We encourage conscious consumerism by way of small, mindful first orders of 1-2 units. While we naturally love when you stock up on your fave swim once you know your best onewith swim size, please do so mindfully for our other customers' sake (that is, without the intention of returning extra sizes/styles). While this may be more permissible for an enterprise-level company, we ask that you consider how bracketing + large returns affect a small business, its customers, and the environment. Returns of 3 or more pieces/customer will be subject to a processing fee of $15.95 in addition to the return fee.

Q When are you restocking? 

A We post launch and restock dates as soon as we can, be sure to follow us on Instagram + Pinterest for the latest & greatest of all things onewith!

Q Are your swimsuits like underwear thin? Like, will they cause cameltoe? 

A Just like the answer to the see-through question...our suits are 2 layers of fabric just like any other swimwear; it's just bonded, not sewn with tight seams (allowing for our dig-free swimwear to shine.) So while it may have a thinner appearance, it is the same amount of material as most standard suits. So if you're worried about a case of cameltoe, while we can't guarantee our suits are frontal-wedgie-free, so-to-speak as every person's body is different, we can say that there is no reason why our better-than-seamless swimwear would cause it more than any other swimwear. If you're ever worried about anything showing through, a general swim tip is to opt for a darker color or a suit in a pattern.

onewith swim, swimwear like underwear, plus size flattering swimwear

Didn't find your answer? Our customer service team is here to help! Contact us here and remember to follow us on Instagram + Pinterest for all things onewith swim. See you there!

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