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Edgeless Swimwear: A Comfortable Alternative to Seamless Swimwear

If you’ve ever tried on a seamless swimsuit, you know that even though there are no visible seams on the outside, it can still dig into your body. That’s because regular seamless swimwear has tight seams inside that cause discomfort and sometimes even pain. Additionally, it gives the appearance of extra fabric due to the seams being flipped and doubled over. onewith's patent-pending edgeless swimwear offers an alternative solution for those who want a truly dig-free, elastic-free fit that lays flat on your skin. Let’s take a closer look at what sets edgeless swim apart from regular seamless swimwear. 

best seamless swimwear

The main difference between edgeless swim and regular seamless swim is in the construction of the garment. In edgeless swimwear, the fabric is cut with a unique laser technology that eliminates any visible seams entirely—including both interior and exterior seams. This not only eliminates any possible discomfort caused by tight seams rubbing against your skin but also provides a smooth, streamlined look without visible lines or creases in the fabric. The result is a fit that looks and feels like a second skin—completely different from traditional seamless swimsuits! 

swimwear that doesnt dig in

onewith offers an alternative solution in the form of edgeless swim for those who want a comfortable swimsuit moves with them instead of against them (and is truly onewith their body). With no visible seams—inside or out— on the edges of the suits, this swim provides superior comfort and figure-flattery. Plus, our suits are patent-pending and female-invented! Shop our dig-free swimwear now.


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