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"Why did my swimwear stretch out?" | Tips For Finding Your Perfect onewith Fit

Have you ever gotten a swimsuit that stretched out after wearing it in the water? Well, that's a tell-tale sign that the bathing suit was too large to start. Because onewith swimwear created swimsuits that fit like seamless underwear with our innovative construction, it can be a little less intuitive to tell if your swimsuit is your perfect onewith fit. Let's talk about it.

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ANY swimsuit that is TOO BIG to start, regardless of brand, when worn in the water, will get baggy 🥵 Protect the longevity of your onewith (and ANY suit for that matter!) and ensure you have a snug, second-skin fit to start. Your onewith swimsuit that fits like undies, out of the packaging, SHOULD feel like a firm, snug hug on the skin. Then, when stretched like this, you'll be able to get that perfect onewith dig-free fit. If your suit started out at all too big and not form-fitting, this can allow water to move between your skin and the parts of the garment that are not secure, which can increase the likelihood of stretching the suit out an undesired amount. A little digging in when you first try your beyond-seamless bathing suit on is totally normal... and it's actually a good thing! Giving your better-than-seamless swimsuit a stretch is essential to the fit of our swim; it just needs a little warming up to ensure it's onewith your body. When sized and stretched properly, your onewith swimsuit will not dig in. 

Check out the IG reel we made here to see just what we mean about a suit that's too big to start. Had Hayley worn the first onewith bikini she put on, the movement would have 100% stretched out her bikini that fits like seamless undies, and not in the ‘warm up your onewith’ kind of way. The second flattering bikini she wore is definitely her perfect smooth swimsuit fit; snug but smooth after a stretch. That’s the fit we’re looking for! 🌊✨

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So, if you get your onewith and don't need to give it a stretch, you'll want to exchange for the size down! NOT needing to warm up your onewith, especially with bottoms, is a 🚩 Gravity & the motion of the ocean (or pool) is real…follow our fit tips to ensure your perfect swim fit that feels like ur fave no-show undies 🫶 And when in doubt, reach out to us via IG DM or email; we're always happy to help guide you towards your perfect onewith smooth, edgeless, beyond-seamless swimsuit fit! Shop our dig-free swimsuits here

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